Facta, Non Verba

fac·ta, non ver·ba  \ ˈfäk-tä nōn-ˈver-bä \ Action, not words

Facta NV is a consulting, development and advisory firm established in 2014. We have the skills and experience to create projects, identify and work with investors, deliver solutions to benefit communities and unlock value in infrastructure and energy assets.

We believe communities, investors and stakeholders deserve well performing, sustainable and high-quality infrastructure solutions.

Our approach is to:

  • Focus on delivery
  • Collaborate with clients and complement their skills and expertise
  • Carefully listen to stakeholders and encourage engagement
  • Challenge conventional assumptions and foster fresh thinking
  • Consider new developments, technologies and innovations that can apply to infrastructure to enhance value and deliver practical results
  • Craft smart actions and sustainable solutions that can be delivered for real

Our people provide clients with expertise built through progressing infrastructure projects from start to finish and weathering the highs and lows. Developing and operating infrastructure is a long-term commitment and we’ve navigated the very real challenges. Our aim is to help make that journey easier for you.

Our experience spans all social infrastructure (e.g. health facilities, schools, universities, government buildings, emergency services, defence), economic infrastructure and utilities (e.g. street lighting, waste, transport, water) and energy (e.g. power networks, generation, renewable energy).


We are an organisation of creative and engaging people, with a thoughtful and positive culture.

We have a core team led by Jo Griffin, along with a number of associates and strategic partners who provide support in specialist areas, with whom we work closely. Meet the lead Directors who can help you achieve quality results:

Steph McGregor
Non-executive Director
Steph has 23 years’ experience in social infrastructure and public asset projects, including a decade in the energy sector. She has worked on in excess of GBP 7 billion of capital projects, across the energy, renewables, local government, the arts, education, health & custodial sectors. She's worked in major markets including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe. She is qualified in Urban Planning, Sustainable Business & Business Administration, a Member of the Planning Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
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Jo Griffin
Managing Director
Jo has 16 years’ experience in the global infrastructure market, with substantial experience across primary and secondary markets. She has worked on projects across the entire spectrum of public assets, wearing investor and operator hats and in major markets including UK, North America, Europe and Australia.

She is qualified in economics and an associate of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments.
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